Embark On The Journey

Choose Target Audience

Make a decision around who you want to target with your campaign, and how you want the campaign to influence their perspective or behaviour. This will be the deciding factor in how your campaign is formed throughout the rest of the marketing process.

Research Customer Behaviour

Once you have decided who you need to target, you need to understand how the target audience behaves. How do they consume media? Do they use the internet at all, or do they operate more on signage, billboards or word-of-mouth? This will help you determine which channels are most effective in your marketing process.

Get Creative

Sure, a post on Facebook or Instagram could be nice, but why stop there? Perhaps your marketing could take on a more auditory or even physical angle. Force yourself to think outside the box and do something truly novel and memorable.

Pick the most effective channels

This is the crux of the marketing process. Understanding the way social media is used and consumed, and knowing which platforms connect you best with which demographics is pivotal to the success of your campaign.

Plan and Launch

After deciding where and how you will deliver your campaign, it's time to make a campaign road map and get ready to launch the campaign. Plan out when you will distribute different parts of your advertising and how it will change between different platforms and audiences.

Measure performance

You launched your campaign, fantastic! But you can't stop there. At the end of the process and throughout every step of it, you need to be analysing the statistics and engagement and letting that drive the way your marketing progresses and changes.