You're Only As Strong As Your Pitch

28 Feb

You're Only As Strong As Your Pitch

Introducing a new product to your customers is very important, but there are instances where pitching to investors holds equal importance. In this segment of our Marketing Mix, we'll analyse one of the highly effective presentations on Channel 10's Shark Tank.

For those not acquainted with the show's concept, Shark Tank AUS showcases entrepreneurs seeking investment in the Tank from the Sharks - five venture capitalists ready to invest their own capital in return for equity.

In this particular episode, entrepreneur Ash Newland introduces the Scrubba Wash Bag, impressing the Sharks with his pitch and achieving a rare multi-shark deal

Why is this important?
Conveying the value of a product to an investor poses a greater challenge compared to an ordinary customer, as investors must contemplate investing a substantially larger sum in both the company, and its product.

Ash communicated how he identified a problem and found a solution. In this instance, Ash introduces a groundbreaking solution to off-the-grid lightweight washing, a previously unaddressed concern.

Furthermore, Ash delves into the potential applications and markets for the Scrubba Wash Bag, spanning from recreational hiking to military uses.

Recognising your unique value proposition (USP) and comprehending how your product or service resolves the pain points of your target audience is your greatest strength in business.

If you haven't unpacked your unique selling proposition, we can help facilitate this. Give us a call to understand how this works.