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29th AUG 2017 // #136

Your Marketing Mix

‘We prep. You cook.’ - Fantasy storytelling

Birds Eye Deli Chips have just launched their ‘We prep. You Cook.’ Campaign showcasing an array of unusual characters at various stages of their chip production.

The campaign features potato beautifiers, a herb topiarist, a chip cutter and a mountaineer in an effort to romanticise the creation of frozen potato chips.

The concept to develop a creative platform for Deli that shifts people’s perceptions away from the frozen food aisle. “The concept of ‘prep’ moves the conversation to one of choice over convenience,”.

The video ad campaign isn't were the buck stops however. Accompanying the advertisement is out-of-home creative, point-of-sale, and social media activity which you will see out & about over the coming months.

The campaign “really dials up the attention we put into each step of the process,” says Birds Eye marketing GM Suzanne Harman, “and enabled us to make heroes out of everyday cooks.”

Another great way to demonstrate transparency in the process. So when you want to tell a story, let's make sure you move the conversation in the right direction quickly. Give us a call today to talk about your storytelling opportunities: 02 6761 2222

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