Start The Day Without Dramas

11 Nov '21

Start The Day Without Dramas

Start The Day Without Dramas - #LessDramaMoreVirgin

Virgin is at it again and we're not surprised to see them launch a new breakfast cereal. Why, you ask?

For many reasons, Virgin Mobile has released their very own unique and colourful breakfast cereal, Good Vibes as part of their #LessDramaMoreVirgin campaign. With an attention-grabbing package design, the cereal is available for a limited-time offer to Virgin customers only.

Understanding a repetitive pain point for the mobile phone consumer, #LessDramaMoreVirgin is focusing on the straightforward ease and simplicity of Virgin Mobile's new service plans. It's all about ease-of-use for consumers with plans that have no subscription, no contract and no paperwork, making the mobile phone plan as hassle-free as it can get (AKA less drama, more Virgin.)

“The cereal is created out of our understanding that many mobile phone companies are responsible for creating unnecessary drama in a comsumer's day. At Virgin Mobile, we do not like drama; we much prefer Good Vibes,” said Virgin’s LATAM Brand Marketing Manager.

Their cereal ad features the vibrant-coloured hoops burst out from the box, overflowing bowls and spilling across tables as a catchy beat plays over the action. Actors grab boxes and pour the cereal straight into their mouths as bowl after bowl is served up. All the while, captions explain how starting your morning with Good Vibes can help you set the tone for a drama-free day.

But wait, there's more. This limited-edition HACCP certified cereal was produced in partnership with Trading Foods, a Colombian breakfast and snack food company (a great example of affiliate marketing). Available to all Virgin Mobile users simply by going to the brand’s website and purchasing any of the available SIM cards (rewarding brand loyalty).

Congratulations, Virgin. Not only have you delivered more fun that your consumers have come to expect from your brand, but you also reward your loyal customers with less drama and more fun.

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