Navy & Air Force Maximises Requirement Thanks to 'Top Gun Maverick'

28 Jun '22

Navy & Air Force Maximises Requirement Thanks to 'Top Gun Maverick'

Navy & Air Force Maximises Recruitment Thanks to 'Top Gun Maverick'

The flim 'Top Gun' produced in 1986 boosted recruitments by 500% while the Defense force was struggling to retain numbers after the unpopularity of the Vietnam War - the first war with full media coverage - and it seems that the newly released Top Gun Maverick will have the same if not better impact on the Defence Force. Major General Edward W. Thomas, current commander of Air Force Recruiting Service, became more excited about Defence Force aviation after watching 'Top Gun' and he expects 'Top Gun Maverick' have the same affect on general public recruitment (Top Gun Maverick: Navy, Air force look for recruitment boost following big opening fo Tom Cruise sequel).  During the COVID-19 pandemic with the legacies in Iraq and Afghanistan, Defence Force recruitments have fallen short of expected numbers.

'Top Gun Maverick' glorified military service and recruiters awaited hyped crowds outside the cinemas. Commander Dave Benham, spokesperson for the Navy, said "Our recruiters nationwide are working tirelessly to meet those goals and to meet the manpower needs of our fleets. We think 'Top Gun Maverick' will certainly raise awareness and should positively contribute to individual decisions to join the Navy." (US Navy/Air Force trying to recruit public at 'Top Gun: Maverick' screenings). 

Isn't time to learn new ways to influence people to buy your goods and services so that they love your marketing as much as they have enjoyed 'Top Gun Maverick'? Stay tuned to hear the full results.