"The Generation Gap" - Return of the Lamb

6 Feb

"The Generation Gap" - Return of the Lamb

Each year we have featured the MLA’s summer Lamb campaigns in our Marketing mix to demonstrate the brands dedication in building a strong legacy of highly topical advertising and thought provoking creative, which has generated widespread conversation and publicity for Australian Lamb.

Every year the lamb campaign aims to ensure lamb's relevance by highlighting the emotional need to come together, connect and contribute to the best form of cultural expression, cooking and eating together with lamb.

The 2024 highly anticipated Summer Lamb campaign debuted in January, skewering the generation gap that has divided the nation. Through this campaign springboard, the advertisement reminds Australians that there is more that unites us than divides us.

Summer is a popular time for Australians to gather with friends and family over a meal or barbeque.The campaign aims to increase talkability for the Lamb brand while encouraging shoppers choose lamb as their protein choice in retail and food service settings.

The 6-week integrated campaign, based on the 'Share the Lamb' brand platform, includes topical jokes, a healthy dose of satire, and, of course, plenty of mouthwatering lamb. The long form advertisement depicts a world in which generations have been separated by The Generation Gap, an impassable chasm that keeps each age group isolated from the others. Left to their own devices, each generation has become the worst version of themselves - until a lamb BBQ appears, bridging the generation gap and bringing them together for good.

The annual 'Share the Lamb' campaign highlights the unmistakable flavour and aroma of lamb, which unites Australians even during challenging times. 2022 showcased opening back up to the world after COVID-19. 2023 showcased what's Australian and what's "Unaustralian" and 2024 has showed us that no one is too old or too young to enjoy Australian lamb.

Australian Lamb has cemented themselves, making their advertising an annual Australian tradition, which is a very impressive feat.

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