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  13 · 11 · 2019




In under a year, the Iron Jack became one of the most available beers in Australia. What is it about this beer that makes it so successful?

Let's take a look inside and discover what the Iron Jack beer is all about.

Iron Jack is a beer created by the Legendary Brewing Company, and its purpose was to be the beer for the dependable, hard-working Aussie bloke. Their communication and marketing was simple and directed around situations and surroundings familiar and relatable to the majority of Australian working men, and the results speak for themselves.

There's no doubt that Iron Jack are dedicated to what they're all about. They have a series on their YouTube channel all about 4 Aussie blokes going on an adventure through the bush to "earn their seats" at a strategically placed bar. They also recently raised $1 million for Rural Aid, showing their concern and support for their mates in the bush doing it tough.

Iron Jack's unwavering commitment to their brand's identity is a testament to their skill at marketing and also a substantial factor in the success and almost immediate popularity of their beer.


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