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  9 · 10 · 2019




While 7 of the top 10 brands in Australia's Customer Experience Excellence Report are in financial services, the top spot is still held by Singapore Airlines.

Is your business struggling to keep up with the continually rising standards and expectations of customers? You're not alone. Many Australian businesses are struggling to make fantastic customer experience a priority. However, since modern customers are more likely to 'shop around' and less likely to stick with a single brand for life, businesses need to demonstrate that they offer a greater customer experience than any of their competitors.

Although customer experience is receiving more attention in recent times due to scrutiny over particular industries such as financial services and aged care, it would seem only the industries being scrutinised are really putting in significant effort to change the way they relate to their customers and rethink the experience they provide.

Customer experience doesn't end with the way you treat your customers when they walk into your store. You need to uphold that same level of care and proactiveness around your digital presence as well, as customers will have just as many expectations about their online experience and some may (at least initially) only interact with you through digital means.

What are you doing to create an amazing experience? Perhaps more importantly, what aren't you doing?

It's time to take your customer experience very seriously.
We can help you design a fantastic customer experience strategy.

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