Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Driving Customer Loyalty

4 Aug '21

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Driving Customer Loyalty

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Is Driving Customer Loyalty

Racial bias is something the retail industry cannot afford to ignore and we are seeing many retail companies taking this issue on.

A comprehensive study conducted by Sephora who are a cosmetic, make-up and skincare company, confirmed that two in every five shoppers have faced unfair treatment and racial prejudices.
To kick off Pride Month, Sephora decided to celebrate the LGBTQ, Non-Binary and genderfluid people with a video and a beautiful message.

The "Identify as We" campaign is a continuation of Sephora's newly launched 'We Belong To Something Beautiful' company platform and features influencers such as interdisciplinary artist Fatima Jamal and gender non-conforming model Aaron Philips.
The video is a beautiful ride that follows the cast as they put on makeup, drive, dance, go to the beach and kiss, accompanied by Shirley Bassey's "This is my life".

Trying to foster a greater sense of belonging within the beauty community, Sephora says on Instagram:
"We're thrilled to share our "Identify as We" campaign, which celebrates the transgender and non-binary community and our long history in beauty together. As a company, we hold ourselves to a high and public set of standards around creating a welcoming space for every client."

Forbes' data shows consumers want diversity in marketing and will choose brands based upon how diverse and inclusive they are in their marketing. Many brands are still struggling to get this right.

The future of successful marketing will be incorporating diversity, equity and inclusive practices to bring more loyal customers and expose your brand to a much larger market.

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