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  11 · 09 · 2019




Today we produce enormous amounts of plastic, resulting in giant mounds of plastic waste being dumped into the ocean and into landfill, severely damaging our environment. In the midst of this crisis, one beer brand has risen to the challenge and invented a fresh alternative to disposable packaging.

Corona's 'Extra' cans have a new design, allowing them to screw on top of each other instead of being held together by plastic or another form of disposable packaging.

This new invention, coined the 'Fit Pack', is still in the testing phase but is already making a positive impact on the industry's plastic waste problem It has already been shortlisted for the Innovation category at the Cannes Lions international awards.

It gets even better. This can-stacking solution isn't just for Corona. The screwing design is freely available to other businesses in the industry, in an effort to encourage others to make a positive difference to the environment and to think about new and creative ways to do it.

Nowadays consumers are quickly switching to brands that can demonstrate that they don't just care about their environmental and social responsibilities and obligations, they actually take radical steps to ensure they make a difference for the greater good.

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