PLate Up

14 Jun '22

PLate Up

PLate Up

Many businesses are in a position where they complete with a similar product to their competitors. The problem is how do they stand out to their customers so that they will spend more with them.

A great example of this is Red Rooster's current campaign, PLate Up, that entices drivers who have recently acquired their Ps and Ls to Red Rooster’s drive-thru for a free piece of chicken. One of the first stops for a driver fresh off their L Plates is usually the drive thru, so Red Rooster wanted to make sure it was theirs.

“We wanted to tap into that significant time in a young person’s life – we wanted to be there when they got their driver’s licence and spread their wings,” says Ashley Hughes, director of marketing at Red Rooster. 

The newly-motorised individuals just need to sign up for Red Rooster’s loyalty program. The free chicken can be claimed by entering the code ‘PPLATE’. Red Rooster also sees the patient parents or instructors in the passenger seat. By signing up and using the ‘LPLATE’ code, the learner’s passengers will get a deal on a Big Red’s Feast.

The campaign, which is being run in collaboration with the NRMA, aims to “reclaim an Australian rite of passage by diverting young Aussie drivers into Red Rooster drive-thrus with the lure of free fried chicken for a whole year.” 

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