Personalised Experiences

20 Dec '23

Personalised Experiences

It's Spotify's 'Wrapped' time of the year for everyone to share their favourite artists and songs of 2023, but why is Spotify Wrapped so popular?

Experience Marketing. A personalised, tailored experience with a company cements an idea of significance for a consumer, so let's look at how Spotify and Barbie's marketing teams struck gold.

Case Study 1: Spotify

Spotify releases their annual 'Wrapped' as a celebration of your listening, showing you the statistics of how long you listened, your top artists and more metrics. People share their Spotify experiences, comparing music profiles with their friends and family, and it works! This experience makes us feel noticed, it's specific to the listener and allows you to reflect on your year of music consumption.

Case Study 2: Barbie:

Barbie's official posters of "Barbie is everything." and "He's just Ken." launched into a whole world of experience marketing with an opportunity for consumers to turn themselves into a Barbie poster with their "Barbie Selfie Generator". Many people shared their new Barbie-fied personas, memes or celebrities, bringing a whole new layer to the already titanic Barbie marketing gig. This is an excellent example of people sharing a brand because it's personal to them.

By making a shareable experience for your customers, you can amplify your brand to the masses with the help of your customers at no extra cost! How's that for free publicity?

Starting a new year with experience marketing could be what your brand needs. Let's make time to talk soon.