McDonald’s ‘green’ flagship store revealed in Victoria

9 Feb '21

McDonald’s ‘green’ flagship store revealed in Victoria

McDonald’s ‘green’ flagship store revealed in Victoria

McDonald's never ceases to amaze us with their innovation, relevance and the ability to continue to meet their consumers needs (even if you don't like their product). The first McDonald’s ‘green’ flagship store has just opened in Melton, Victoria and will be the first to trial, evaluate and implement a series of sustainability initiatives before successful schemes are rolled out across all other stores in Australia.

The South Melton outlet will operate purely on renewable energy generated on-site using a solar system. A list of 25 measures will be introduced include, using recycled materials in furniture and in the play areas, the recycling of Happy Meal toys, and initiating a front-of-house recycling system that will turn waste into packaging materials.

The sustainability initiatives aren’t all about recycling though. Green-minded customers will be able to charge electric vehicles at the store too.

This store certainly demonstrates McDonald’s has the consumer centric focus of renewable energy in mind when thinking about a sustainable future and all of this continues to increase their customer value, winning the vote in renewable energy for fast food. McDonald proves time and time again that they’re just not a brand but are a brand that has entrenched themselves into the fabric of our society.

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