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  13 · 2 · 2019




Gen Z is rapidly becoming a very large part of our marketing audience, but are we catering to them in our marketing? To win over this generation, we can't take the same approach as with Millennials. Gen Z requires a different strategy.

1. Be flexible
Gen Z is growing up in a culture that says identity is completely flexible and adaptable. Brands likewise need to demonstrate a similar level of adaptability and flexibility to their Gen Z customers.

2. Unite online and offline experiences
While all generations (Silent Generation and Baby Boomers in particular) are getting the hang of using technology and social media, Gen Z are especially tech-savvy. They don't restrict themselves entirely to digital customer experiences, though. A survey commissioned by Google in the US found those aged 13-17 were 20% more likely to buy in-store than online. In uniting these experiences, you can effectively market to Gen Z.

3. Make ways for them to leverage their power
Gen Z understand that their identity is a resource to be monetised. Providing a platform where users can push their own personal brands and communicate their values allows Gen Z to stand for something and buy the products they want, in turn building goodwill and loyalty for your brand.

4. Be where they are
Gen Z are quite happy to make purchases based on researching on social media (although other generations are quickly picking this up as well). But you don't have to cover every social channel to connect with them. In contrast to Gen Y, Gen Z appear to prefer more private interactions through social media. Closed/exclusive groups, live chat, Instagram or Snapchat stories etc. Look into how you can integrate your communications in these channels to meet Gen Z where they're at.

5. Speak their language
No, don't say "lit fam" or do a Fortnite dance. Instead be authentic, look into who the younger customers follow or look up to, engage talent that represents them and make sure your communications are situationally correct.

While the overall quality of your brand and the products or services it provides will typically make the biggest impact, it's just as important to express yourself in a way that is relatable to the newest generation. And trust us, it's attention worth winning!

Get in touch with us and we can help you keep your marketing authentic and relatable to a range of different generations and audiences.


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