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Is Your Business Ready for Google's New Mobile-First Search Program?

By now everyone is well aware that well-ranking web search results for your website have a profound impact on being found by customers, and that a mobile-responsive website is highly important.
Well, mobile responsive websites are about to become even more vital.

According to industry experts, 2018 may well be the year that Google deploys its mobile-first search program. Google has been working on the mobile-first index for some time, and it looks like this could be the year it happens.
It will mark a new frontier for online searching, and demand a response from businesses to focus more on mobile performance for their websites than before.

Most people are searching on Google using a mobile device. However, in the past, Google's ranking systems have still determined the relevance of search results based on the desktop version of the page's content. Mobile-first indexing will change that.

Due to mobile devices' limited space on-screen, only a few on-page elements will influence the decision of visitors to either stay or leave the page. The elements likely to have the strongest influence are the main headline and subheading or image that the visitor sees when the page first loads.

If you want to avoid dropping down Google's rankings, or off the list completely, make sure you are prepared in advance for these changes! After all, if you can't be found on Google, it's much harder for your business to be competitive.

Don't be left behind! We can optimise your website for search engines, with full mobile-responsive capability!
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