How Can You Offer Exclusivity in your Business?

31 Jan '23

How Can You Offer Exclusivity in your Business?

How Can You Offer Exclusivity in your Business?

As more and more people start businesses, markets become more and more competitive, and sometimes you have to find a way to make your brand stand out against the rest.

This doesn't always mean creating something wildly innovative to blow your customers away. Sometimes it's about creating or changing a product to suit your customers that they can only get from you.

What does this mean? Exclusivity! Let's take a closer look at how this works, using the example of streaming services.

There are plenty of streaming services available in the market, but one of the main selling points for streaming platforms is the content they create is exclusive for their platform. Streaming services release original series all of the time to bring in more customers, using persuasive marketing tactics, both in and out of home to make potential customers feel like they are missing out.

Netflix excels in this with their original content, particularly with the launch of Stranger Things and Squid Game, both widely successful in bringing in new customers to their platform.

Disney+ uses their acquired rights to expand their collection, creating original series like Obi-Wan Kenobi, The Mandalorian and Tales of the Jedi  to expand upon the Star Wars universe to increase their fanbase who are eager for new content.

Amazon Prime use adaptations to create their series, reimagining literature for a modern audience, best seen with their series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan and their latest instalment to the Lord of the Rings franchise, Rings of Power.

Paramount+ brings new takes on existing visual media, such as their addition of Star Trek: Pickard, or the first ever silver screen adaptation of the popular first-person-shooter series, Halo.

While each platform has a large library of blockbuster films and TV series, it's the original content that helps bring in the most customers.

So how does this help you?

Tailoring content/products to your customers and creating a sense of missing out to potential consumers drives consumers towards your brand as they feel the need to be involved and be part of a community.

Creating unique, engaging content and products unique to your brand can put your brand on the map and stand out against your competitors.

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