Hearing your customers calls

19 Nov '20

Hearing your customers calls

Hearing your customers calls

You may have been told since the beginning of time that ‘the customer is always right’ perhaps this has been more about the consumer knowing what they want. Putting your customers’ needs and wants first and foremost has never been more vital since the pandemic plagued our planet.

With businesses failing and economies heading for the life rafts, this truly is a buyers’ market. No doubt your business is doing everything in its power to ensure you have considered every single thing a customer may want and need now, and what they haven’t even realised that they may want and need in the near future, rest assured that your competitors already have.

Here are 3 simple tips to guide your customers journey with you.

1. Trust comes from communication, transparency, and action

Building trust is a two-part proposition: clearly articulating your vision or intent and then following through with action. Simple in concept, but a cycle that needs to be repeated constantly. Honest communications will resonate long after splashy campaigns and catchy taglines.

2. Don’t hide your humanity

Some might think they needed brand guidelines and a strict tone of voice to shape there communications, but quickly realised that to be true to the brand pillar of ‘authenticity’ they needed to allow their team to use their own voices and be human.

3. Don’t be afraid to let your customers free to build on your brand

Brands can drive further trust and a sense of belonging by actively opening themselves up to their community. Personalisation drives customer connection on a one to one basis, rather than a one to many basis. Through technology, streaming services like Netflix and Spotify are delivering greater functionality and a unique experience to every single customer. Personalisation feeds human connection and allows individuals to feel seen and understood.

If you dont have a customer journey map, then we can assist with that.
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