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22nd JUN 2017 // #134

Your Marketing Mix

Don't underestimate the power of packaging

In an inspired packaging stunt, Dove has created a limited-edition set of Dove body wash bottles that come in various shapes and sizes, communication the brand’s longtime celebration of body-diverse beauty.

Recent research from Dove’s ‘Global Beauty and Confidence Report’ found that 50% of women feel social media puts pressure on them to look a certain way. “Many women are fighting with us to spread beauty confidence”. Dove is using their influence to advance the real beauty debate across its social media platforms.

However, many women do not seem pleased. Not only are they not running to the supermarket, they are making fun of the bottles, "@dove I have arms".

This is the culmination of Dove’s misguided brand of “empowering advertising,” which tends to end up exploiting the very female insecurities that it claims to destroy. Well-intended or not, the message behind all of these campaigns is the same we’ve always heard: Be beautiful.

View their video below:

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