Don't Hold Back - Music to My Ears!

31 Jan '23

Don't Hold Back - Music to My Ears!

Don't Hold Back - Music to My Ears!

Do you ever listen to the radio when you're driving? Or music on your phone while you're working at home? Sounds like you've engaged in audio marketing without even realising it.

Audio marketing uses sound to get a brands message across, and it can be a powerful tool for your business. One of the best ways to improve brand experiences is by incorporating music in your commercials which can influence sale by aligning your brand with what the audiences wants.

When you hear a certain audio content, you might start to think of a brand and what it stands for. Adding music to your commercial is important because it triggers action, evokes emotion, reinforces sales, and promotes storytelling.
Although adding popular music to your advertising campaign is not cheap, it certainly imprints your brand onto the perception of a song in your customer's mind. I'm sure you are thinking of a song right now that connects to a brand that you are familiar with. Perhaps you can recall these 2 brands below:

'I Don't Care'  by Icona Pop has become synonymous with KFC's new "Did someone say KFC?" slogan.

'Don't Hold Back'  by the Potbelleez still brings up memories of Jeep's 2015 "Don't" campaign, even years later.

Associating your brand with a song can leave a lasting image of your brand for decades after your campaign has finished. Pop songs can also help bring a great vibe to your advertising, whether it be pensive, celebratory or even a call to action.

Are you ready to have your consumers humming and toe tapping to your brand in 2023, let's start planning soon.