Domino's Pizza Points

17 Jun '21

Domino's Pizza Points

Dominos Pizza Points

Domino's has produced its own version of a rewards system. With this clever marketing tactic, you can now order a pizza through the latest Dominoes app, get rewarded for your purchase and prolong the delight.

Technology today works wonders and Domino’s propels forward to produce record market-share numbers.

This ‘Points for Pies’ program was implemented at a prime time complimentary to the American Super Bowl season kick-off.

This advantageous advertising and product distributive move by Domino's was further supported by comments from Domino's senior vice president Art D’Elia as "We decided to invest in a breakthrough program that rewards everyone who loves pizza as much as we do."

Domino’s most creative minds developed a pizza identifier through the latest Domino's app, capable of scanning each pizza or slice through artificial intelligence-driven software to identify the image. WOW!!!

More than half of all its global retail sales in 2017 came from digital channels. In the U.S Domino's generates more than 60% of its sales via digital channels.

  • Combining clever marketing with product development, the pizza delivery giant launched a new loyalty program.
  • Coinciding with the Super Bowl, and valid for 12 weeks, the Domino's app gave customers a chance to earn points for every pizza they scanned, regardless of where it came from.

Our only question... What about the Aussie State of Origin?