Australian Lamb is Un-Australian?

31 Jan '23

Australian Lamb is Un-Australian?

Australian Lamb is Un-Australian?

Creating a national tradition with your advertising is a major feat, but not an impossible one. Crafting an ad so powerful you only need one per year can be done by harnessing your brand, product and audience correctly. Humour is often used in advertising because it can be an effective way to grab the attention of viewers and make an ad memorable.

New year, new Australian Lamb ad!
Each year, Meat and Livestock Australia sends out a searing roast in honour of the Aussiest of meats - lamb.

The latest lamb campaign, "Un-Australia" comedically reminds us that being un-Australian, actually makes us Australian. In this alternate world, "Un-Australian" is not just "the worst thing you can ever call an Australian", but enough to make you disappear entirely. From dobbing and boasting, to eating a pie with cutlery, are all labeled Un-Australian as people are sent to an "infinite cultural exile". 

The ad debuted early January after Meat and Livestock Australia research revealed 53 per cent of Australians believed the term "Un-Australian" had become overused to the point of confusion.

Despite, or perhaps because of this, 45 per cent of survey respondents said they'd been hit with the label and 52 per cent said they'd used it to describe something.

By listening to your audience and targeting their culture and behaviour, you can create a campaign that speaks to the masses and unifies the divided, even carving a space within that culture for your brand.

If done correctly, you can achieve great cut through to make your brand the most prominent in your consumer's minds next time they make a decision.

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