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2/3 of Kiwi kids don't have enough calcium in their diets.
Anchor wanted to convey that dairy offers nutrition that strengthens people from the inside out, giving them the strength and courage to give anything a go. However, since their marketing was directed at children, it was difficult to make this idea relevant to the target audience.

The 'Go Strong' campaign's objective was to inform children and their parents about milk's nutritional benefits, and keep Anchor at the forefront of their minds. Specifically, they were targeting parents with children aged 3-12.

Anchor understood that the moment in a child's life when the importance of strong bones would be at its most ponient is when they break a bone. To convey the importance of maintaining healthy bones as well as assuring them that Anchor's milk is a cut above the rest - especially when it comes to the issue of building bone strength - Anchor introduced X-Ray Casts.

X-Ray Casts is an interactive content campaign for kids. By uploading their X-rays to Anchor's website, kids who broke a bone would recieve a heat-shrink sticker of their actual X-ray which had a barcode that could be scanned at supermarkets to give them free Anchor Calci+ milk throughout their healing process.

The campaign saw a strong impact with 40% of users who started the video watching the entire way through, and 122 applications for X-ray casts in the first 48 hours alone. Anchor successfully affected behaviour and educated their local communities, putting genuine product and consumer truths front and centre.

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