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  12 · 06 · 2019




Everyone has a Mini story.

Storytelling can be a very powerful form of Marketing, and the team at Mini Australia are acutely aware of this. In Australia's extremely saturated automotive market - with 63 brands competing - Mini had to do something special to stand out from the crowd.

Conveniently for Mini, 2019 marks 60 years since the brand first made an appearance. They took this opportunity to build a new campaign titled 'Unexpected. Expected.', which was centred around their customers and their stories.

To do this, Mini created a '60 Years Hub' on their website where users could share their Mini stories. They then shared these stories through their social media and encouraged fans to submit their own stories through the website.

This customer-driven advertising is something that other brands have successfully pulled off as well. For example, Airbnb’s campaign ‘Stories from the Airbnb Community’ and Qantas’ 2017 third ‘Feels like Home’ campaign, both of which proved highly effective with the stories of customers striking chords within the community.

You can see more Mini stories at the 60 Years Hub.

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