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Today, maintaining a high google ranking is more important - and more difficult - than ever before. Here are 5 tips to keep you from falling behind:

1. Design websites for mobile first
Due to the increasing number of searches from smartphones, Google is prioritising mobile versions of a website over a desktop version. Optimise your website for mobile first for a healthy Google ranking.

2. Get links to your website on other reputable sites
Links from external sites pointing to your website can substantially boost your search ranking. One way you might achieve this is by offering your insight on other blogs in return for a link pointing to your site.

3. Make key information quickly and easily accessible
People's attention spans are now shorter than ever, so it is crucial to ensure that your key information - products/services, pricing, contact details etc. - is quick and easy to find, and in clear and understandable language.

4. Have a fast-loading website
Ideally your website should take no longer than 2 seconds to load. You only have a short window to get the customer's attention, and if that entire window is spent just loading the site then customers will leave, resulting in a high bounce rate for your site that is picked up by Google and lowers your search ranking.

5. Good news stories or news content once a week
Maintaining a 'good news page' at least once a week/monthly makes Google detect that this website is 'active' and being, resulting in a more favourable Google search ranking.

In the extremely competitive area of google rankings,
we can help your business stay at the top.

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