COVID-19 Response

I’m sure you are tired of hearing the words unprecedented times? But it's true.

COVID-19 has forced businesses to close, pivot and think on their feet. Arguably, most of us have never seen something of this scale before, which means we had to think fast and re-align marketing and brand strategies to navigate through this pandemic and the good news is - IT’S WORKING!

We know it’s been tough but as an experienced team of marketers and digital experts, we’re here to help you get through this. We are fortunate to be all working from our office (in separate rooms, practicing social distancing) because it’s hard to be creative on your own at home.

Our office hours and days remain the same, although our night light has been burning to help our clients communicate through this new chaos.

We’re ready to help your business pivot through and beyond COVID-19 so that you can survive.....and thrive.


Having a digital presence makes your business far more accessible and allows people to interact with your business in ways they never previously could.

Do you have a website? What about a Facebook or Instagram account?

This is the digital era, and you cannot afford to underestimate how powerful - and how crucial - a digital presence is.

Embark On The Journey

Choose Target Audience

Remember that the digital content you're creating is ultimately for a consumer! In identifying your audience, you can tailor-make custom ditigal solutions that are accessible and resonate with your end users.

Research Customer Behaviour

Dive in and learn everything there is to know about your target audience once you have identified them. Knowledge is power, and understanding how your audience thinks and acts gives you the power to create a truly impressive and effective product.

Get Creative

It's not enough to just be knowledgeable. Creativity is what makes a digital product stand out, what makes it special, what makes it memorable. You may have all the know-how in the world, but without a creative approach, you won't get an outstanding result.

Pick the most effective channels

What is your digital content and how are you delivering it? Is it social media content distributed through Facebook or Instagram? Is it a new page on your website? Perhaps it's an entire website! It's important to know how to distribute your digital media.

Plan and Release

Plan out and develop all your digital content - images, videos, interactive webpages etc. - and begin to release and distribute it, making sure to monitor how people are responding to it along the way.

Measure performance

At the end of the creation and distribution process, look at the statistics. How has this been received? How popular is your new content? In what way is it affecting awareness, customer satisfaction, overall sales? This data needs to factor in to your next digital project.

Digital With 2 Creative Media

Whether it’s Google ads and analytics, animations and videos, social media strategies and graphics or having a website developed, we have the tools and the know-how to produce whatever you’re after. Understanding how to use digital media takes a lot of research, experimentation, and learning from successes and failures. We’ve spent over a decade doing just that. Equipping ourselves for the digital age so that you can spend your time focusing on running your business.

Web Design & Development

At first glance, a website might appear to be little more than a portfolio, contact details and an “about us” section. Your website is the centrepiece to effective marketing and a hub for interaction and storytelling. We will design and build a beautiful, functional and meaningful website that guides your customers and leaves them feeling confident about your business and interested to find out more.

That’s not the end of the story, though. A website isn’t a single project. It’s a growing, changing thing that needs to keep developing and adapting to the world around it just as we do. Because we understand this, we manage the hosting, maintenance and growth of your site, keeping you involved in the design so you are perfectly positioned to make the important calls about your website that will keep it relevant and at the top of its game.

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