Your Customers Have Changed!

20 Aug '20

Your Customers Have Changed!

Your Customers Have Changed!
Here's How to Engage Them Again.

Has the pandemic made your customers less able and less willing to spend than before? 

The Coronavirus has disrupted more than jobs, supply chains and financial markets. Your customer has changed fundamentally too. The number one task for many businesses now is discovering where their B2C and B2B customers have moved to and re-engaging with them.

Research demonstrates that businesses and brands who maintain, improve or accelerate customer-centric models consistently outperforms others. 

You might be thinking, how should my business adjust?

During this time, it is more critical for brands/businesses to become highly customer centric. By understanding your consumers’ new problems which may be caused by fear, isolation, physical distancing and financial constraints, you can structure your offerings to meet these new unmet wants and needs your customer now has.

5 tips your business should be considering. 

  • Expand your online presence (social media is a must), but use this time effectively to look at how you can improve your website through images, (look and feel) or content that demonstrate you understand the customers needs.
  • Reward your loyal customers with freebies, discounts, value adding.
  • Appeal emotionally to your customer by demonstrating that your product or service adds value and improves their position. 
  • Recognise the financial constraints of your customer.
  • Turn your threats into opportunities.

Whether demand has declined or increased during these unprecedented times, all businesses and brands need to ask: What is my baseline strategy going forward and what can I be doing now to grow?

The demand from the consumer has changed and it's time to engage them again and we can help you with that. Call us today: 02 6761 2222