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EDITION 104 // 10 FEB 2015


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Talk about making an impact!

A common mistake businesses and brands make, is that they expect their customers to know everything about them! This is not the right way to establish a powerful name in todays world.

Brands need to provide their customers with information and facts relevant to their business, tell them what you do and what you are all about. Let's look at doctors, dentists, etc. do your patients know everything that you can do for them, do they know all the services you provide? Make an impact by proving what you are about, and find a way to show it to your customers.

Australia's own, Optus, managed to make a huge impact with something that brings meaningful value to Australia..shark attacks!
Optus developed a potential solution to current shark defence methods not only in Australia, but worldwide This campaign boosted the perception of the Optus network by a huge amount.

So the question remains, what are you doing to make an impact and show your customers that you are not only about them, but are trying to make a difference?!

Coming up with ideas on how to make an impact beyond your everyday, can seem like a difficult task. 2 Creative Media is here to help, and guide you to find ways on how your can go outside your scope and truly make an impact!

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