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VB has called on rockers and rappers, singers and soloists, or just anyone to have a crack at remixing their iconic anthem 50 years after its initial release.

The first ad featuring the brand tagline ‘a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer’ appeared in 1968. Since then, VB's ads have featured farmers, athletes and others working up a sweat and cooling off with VB. But now, VB is asking its drinkers for their own take on the anthem.

“After half a century of the tune done our way, it’s now time to hear VB drinkers do it their way.” - Hugh Jellie, marketing and sponsorship manager at VB

Whether it’s whistling on one of Australia's beaches, tapping your finger on the kitchen counter or singing to your partner in front of the Opera House, VB want to see it and feature it in their new ad. So why not try your hand at remixing their anthem?

VB, like all Aussie beer brands, is losing out to imported and craft beers as variety is now taking priority over brand loyalty. The '50 Years of Cheers' campaign attempts to widen the scope of VB's drinkers to reel in more customers.

A new year might be a perfect time to find a fresh take on your brand and communications.


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