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Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney and Deputy Chair of the Environmental Committee, Jess Miller, has released a new campaign encouraging more of Sydney’s pubs to join the commitment of banning plastic straws.

Every piece of plastic that was ever created, still exists. In the case of plastic straws, Australians use around 3.6 billion each year, causing huge damage to the environment. The 'Sydney Doesn't Suck' campaign seeks to stop that.

#SydneyDoesntSuck is an umbrella campaign highlighting the efforts of Sydney’s best bars, hospitality and entertainment venues to limit their use of single use plastic straws only to people that really need them.

The campaign features a man in a bar receiving a drink and asking for a straw, to be met with complete silence and stares from everyone in the bar. After being sufficiently dissuaded, he decides that perhaps he didn't need a straw after all.

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