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  3 · 07 · 2019




Pine O Cleen has released a new TV campaign, titled ‘You Don’t Know Where That’s Been’, focusing in on the ‘gross’ aspect of germs and cleaning in the Australian household.

The campaign includes 2 TV ads, each telling the gross and graphic history of a common, seemingly innocent household object.

Instead of going for the classic "grubby toilet" or "crayon on the walls" approach, Pine O Cleen decided to take the unique yet relatable angle of foreign objects being brought into the home and the threat of malicious micro-organisms that may be hitching a ride on them.

"There’s something much grosser about a stranger’s germs than our own. I once witnessed my son crawl under the seats at an airport and come out chewing gum. We’re hoping this campaign elicits the same reaction that I felt after seeing that."

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