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  3 · 10 · 2018




Mount Hotham is a ski resort steeped in rich history and indigenous culture. However, their message of an idealistic experiences blended in with the promises of many other Australian resorts and was not entirely true to the real Australian apline experience.
Mount Hotham saw the importance in embracing a genuine Australian ski resort experience, distinguishing themselves both from overseas ski resorts and other Australian ski resorts.

Their strategy was to be perfectly candid about the breadth of experiences the mountain had to offer and convey what the people of Mount Hotham truly believe in. They started by engaging the locals of the mountain, who made it clear that what they love most about the mountain was its natural beauty and spectacular views as well as the uniquely Australian culture apparent throughout the mountain.

This culminated in the 'True Spirit of Apline Australia' campaign, with the message 'Australia's highest village with the most down-to-earth people delivering unique experiences.'

Mount Hotham launched their campaign in June 2017, giving a voice to the mountain and its locals to share their story about how Mount Hotham inspires them.
The down-to-earth stories of the locals resonated deeply with consumers. One of Mount Hotham's most loved locals, Bill Parker, Ski Patrol director, said, "The feedback I get from those that come to Hotham for the first time is they are blown away with how friendly everyone is."

Mount Hotham's campaign was a huge success. The initial 12-week campaign generated roughly 90,000 clicks to their website, and contributed to an increase in visitation of 24% in Winter 2017.
The overwhelming feedback was that it was wonderful to see Mount Hotham celebrating its uniqueness and standing strong in the experience it offered.

Your message doesn't have to be complicated, sometimes it's staring you right in the face. Isn't it time you showed your demographic the 'real experience' your business has to offer!

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