The Oscars - A celebration of storytelling and creativity

2 Apr

The Oscars - A celebration of storytelling and creativity

The 96th Academy Awards has wrapped up, leaving us with a lot to unpack. The Oscars, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, was a blend of hits, misses, controversies, and unexpected faux pas that kept viewers glued to their screens.

It's impossible to talk about the Oscars without mentioning the iconic red carpet. As the countdown to the ceremony begins, audiences around the world eagerly anticipate the parade of stars and the latest in haute couture. Red carpet fashion isn't just a prelude to the main event—it's a spectacle in its own right and has become the ultimate marketing opportunity for image power. The right look can see celebrities appear in every magazine and online site elevating their profile.

The Barbenheimer Effect

This became a cultural phenomenon which preceded and surrounded the simultaneous theatrical releases of two films Barbie and Oppenheimer. Their joint opening weekend was the fourth largest at the American box office, and both rank among the highest-grossing films of 2023.

The phenomenon also extended to the year's awards season, in which both films emerged as leading contenders. The films earned a combined 21 nominations at the 96th Academy Awards. Despite their differences, these two films leveraged their differences to steal the spotlight. Their presence was felt throughout the ceremony, highlighting the power of collaboration in marketing.

This fusion of glamour and intellect not only dominated pre-Oscars chatter but also on the awards stage, making the ceremony a Barbenheimer love fest with jokes, references, and an unforgettable performance by Ryan Gosling singing "I'm Just Ken."


Controversy is as much a part of the Oscars as the golden statuette itself. Host Jimmy Kimmel skillfully navigated the terrain with his opening monologue, delivering punchlines that ranged from on point to raised eyebrows. Viewers are fully engaged in the Host performance, even a former President weighed in on his hosting performance, creating more Oscar attention.

And who can forget the naked John Cena introducing the best costume award or Al Pacino’s awkward announcement of the Best Film Award. And of course the omission of Greta Gerwig for Best Director and Margot Robbie for Best Actress nominations in the highest grossing film of 2023.


Inclusivity and diversity have become central themes in the Oscars landscape, influencing nominations, movie topics, and award winners. As societal awareness around representation grows, so too does the film community aim to reflect the diverse stories of human experiences.

Oscar winners recognise the power of the global audience and often leverage their moment in the spotlight to advocate for diversity and inclusivity or create conversations and controversy around political and social issues.

Despite the rise of streaming services, the Oscars remind us it is not only a celebration of storytelling and creativity, but also an example of pure marketing hype that maintains the mystery and magic of the cinematic experience in today's digital age.

Creativity, collaboration, and adaptability are the cornerstones of effective marketing campaigns, as evidenced by the Barbenheimer phenomenon.

As business owners we too can embrace the unexpected, push boundaries, and continue to captivate your audiences in unique and innovative ways.
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