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EDITION 120 // 25 MAY 2016



Not every brand can inspire people to create and share happy moments every day

For Valentine's Day, Coke created "The Invisible Vending Machine", and made it visible only to couples.

This YouTube Video shows how it detected passing couples, lit up, and after a short but spectacular 'show', produced a pair of personalised chilled cans


A concept of sheer genius, the machine requested the names of each person and branded the drinks cans accordingly David Campbell, the firm's global content director, previously said: 'It’s one thing to represent happiness as a brand - which we’ve done for over 126 years - but what we’re trying to do today, more than ever, is to inspire people to create and share happy moments every day.'

Seriously they had us at the personal names 'up in lights', but then they delivered the drinks... Now that was just mind blowing. If they didn't drink coke before that, I bet they do now! (Did you know that one can of Coke requires you to run ~3km to burn off the sugar. Think before you drink!)

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