The Future Has Arrived - AI Design

20 Dec '23

The Future Has Arrived - AI Design

With the rapid evolution of technology over the past decade, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a household name. We are already familiar with using it on our phones and in our homes, and more recently now in our marketing.

Some of the biggest brands are already using AI in their marketing strategies to improve customer experiences and data analysis. Brands like Coca-Cola, Amazon, Nike, Netflix and Sephora.

So let's look at Coca-Cola's international release of their newly developed limited edition beverage, Coke Y3000 Zero Sugar, encapsulating the futuristic envisions of how coke is intended to taste to the fanbase.

What’s unique about Y3000 is that this soft drink is a collaboration of both human and AI intelligence, in which the ingredients and packaging was determined by artificial intelligence to create a newfound understanding of what the future could hold for Coca-Cola in the form of “emotions, aspirations, colours, flavours and more”.

The vibrant look of Y3000 encompasses the “morphing, evolving state communicated through the form and colour changes”, intending to undermine the optimistic attitude on future outcomes.

In similar fashion to previous flavours developed by Coca-Cola’s creation platform, Y3000 has been coupled with other business and events, particularly the case of taking over the Las Vegas sphere, to further promote the AI co-created drink.

With AI a rising tool, the potential for what it holds is almost limitless. With machine-learning algorithms, the designs AI can create will only become more and more creative as the technology develops. Before long, who knows if an AI could be just as smart and creative as a human mind.

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