The Bright Way is the Right Way

31 Jan '23

The Bright Way is the Right Way

The Bright Way is the Right Way

Making your brand eye-catching is an effective way to attract attention, especially if your brand speaks directly to the customer. But rewarding them for their loyalty speaks volume. Enter stage left - Spotify Wrapped 2022 campaign.

Spotify recently launched this clever campaign which allows each individual listener to enjoy an overview of their personalised listening for the year, showcasing stats like minutes listened, top artists, top genres and top songs for the year.

Making it visually pleasing and easy to share, listeners can share their music taste with others, and often around this time of year, social media stories are flooded with one's top songs, genres and artists.

80 percent of customers say that they’re more loyal to brands that continue to find new ways of being relevant in their lives, so there is no surprises why Spotify ranks in the top ten on the Brand Relevance Index and is a leader in the Internet Services & Retailing industry Customer Obsessed.

Spotify continually works to uncover and act upon evolving customer insights to improve the overall experience. But that's not all; they embrace customers as partners by taking co-creation, collaboration and participation to entirely new levels.

If you're a Spotify user you may be familiar with “Discover Weekly” playlist designed for each user based on what they’ve listened to recently. This allows Spotify to help its users discover and enjoy new music every week.

Spotify’s brand never misses an opportunity to create authentic, innovative engagement. They have effectively built brand relationships through associate marketing with;
- Uber, users could listen to their own Spotify playlist while riding in an Uber.
- Playstation 3 and 4 networks. With over 90 million PS3s and 4s sold, this innovative partnership has helped Spotify dramatically expand its market.
- Telecom to include Spotify as part of their plans and finally
-  in a major innovative breakthrough, before the season 6 premier of Game of Thrones, Spotify users could access a website that would analyse their listening habits and tell the user which Game of Thrones character he or she was, based on the user’s music taste. Have we got your attention yet?

Across our time in research land we have seen a few brands champion brand loyalty. If you are a user of Facebook also you will also be familiar with their yearly recap, showcasing who you've connected with and what you have posted throughout the year. These types of personal showcases are becoming an increasingly popular way to show the year in reflection for consumers.

Building brand loyalty by showing your consumers how they engaged with your brand can become a fun way for your consumers to show off and compare with friends, how they interacted with your brand, allowing your brand to reach new audiences in a bright and colourful way every minute of the day.

Have we got you thinking about how you could build brand loyalty by showing your customers how you care in 2023? Let's turn that into action!