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  6 · 3 · 2019




Hungry Jack's has paid homage to the famous VB tagline 'a hard-earned thirst needs a big cold beer' in a playful re-imagining titled 'A Hard Earned Hunger Needs a Big Juicy Whopper'.

The 30-second ad follows the familiar style of VB's ads, showing Australians working hard and building up a thirst hunger and quenching it with a Whopper burger. The ad is narrated by Aussie YouTube Creator 'Ozzy Man Reviews'.


VB responded the next day with a video of their own, this time mimicking Hungry Jack's style of video, featuring slow-motion 'ingredients' being tossed and a flaming background.

In the ad VB refer to their beer as "The ice-cold, flame-grilled beer that makes VB the only beer to have in your knock-off time" and use the tagline "the beers are better at Victoria Bitter" in a direct nod to Hungry Jack's.

The video was captioned “Hungry Jack’s… they say imitation is the Very Best form of flattery.”

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