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  5 · 06 · 2019




...that Telstra is putting it on giant animals, blimps, in fortune cookies and artworks, on crocheted mobile phone onesies and in other outlandish locations. Chances are you have heard something about this text by now, because Telstra certainly isn't holding back.


The text itself is about Telstra's new rewards program, Telstra Plus.

Telstra Plus takes the place of the older 'Telstra Thanks' reward program, and the company has been having fun finding creative mediums through which to advertise it.

As Telstra moves into the realm of 5G, the Telstra Plus program is a way of saying 'thank you' to their long-standing customers as they push into a new generation of technology.

Members of the rewards program will be separated into 'all members', 'silver' or 'gold' tier based on their loyalty, with each tier receiving its own perks and features.

Telstra also took to Facebook to partner with popular creatives in order to further spread their message in more interesting and artistic ways.

This is taking a customer loyalty campaign to a whole new level.

If you're looking for a new and unorthodox way to promote
a campaign or reward your customers, let's get creative together.

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