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11th JAN 2018 // EDITION #208

Your Creative Cube

Stop the Violence - Collision Course

A shock marketing campaign has been released to encourage safe driving and serve as a deterrence to those who act dangerously on the roads.

The highly confronting nature of the photographs displayed serves to aid in the shock factor of the advertisement and reflect the disturbing and traumatising nature of collisions.

The group have sought to encourage the audience to "Stop the violence" through acting responsibly on the road - correcting certain areas of danger through dedicating individual advertisements to each area - speeding, texting, drinking, and driving negligently.

The dark tones and hues give the image a grave feel, effectively communicating the serious nature of the violence that comes as a result of irresponsible driving.

Through using a range of subjects varying in age, gender, and race, they capture the indiscriminate nature of tragedy when it comes to crashes and the subsequent results and effectively causing the audience to think twice about their action while they are behind the wheel.

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