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EDITION 192 // 18 AUG 2016



Forget flowers, Helga's lets you say it with sandwiches this week!

Social media marketing is definitely the most popular marketing channel to insert your brand into conversations, but you have got to be original to STAND OUT!

Justine Schofield is the ambassador in a new Helga's campaign that allows customers to send a gift sandwich to a friend or loved one. Customers will be able to order a gift sandwich to be delivered by scooter to a chosen address in a new campaign by bread brand Helga’s.

The promotion will see scooters delivering sandwiches – including a handwritten note – all over Sydney’s CBD from 15-19 August, before taking over Melbourne from 29 August to 2 September.
TV personality and former Master Chef contestant Justine Schofield developed the sandwich recipes, and is the face of the campaign.

Each day of the week features one of the five sandwiches, starting Monday with ‘Thanks a grain’, ‘Have a whole meal on me’, ‘Gift wrapped for you’, ‘Let me rye you lunch’ and ‘For your great white appetite’ on Friday.

All proceeds from the $6 sandwich sales are going to food relief organisation Foodbank.

For those who miss out or are not situated in Sydney or Melbourne, the option to send a virtual sandwich on social media is already up and running, as part of the ‘Say it with Sandwiches’ campaign’s social media #HelgasSandwiches push. For each virtual sandwich sent, Helga’s is donating 50c to Foodbank.

In further support of Foodbank, Helga’s is donating two slices of bread for every specially marked loaf sold in Woolworths stores across Australia for the month of August.

“We’re hugely grateful for the donations that Helga’s ‘Say it with Sandwiches’ will achieve. With a goal to help provide over 10,000 meals for people that are doing it tough, this is the perfect occasion for people to show how much they care for those close to them, whilst also supporting a much bigger cause,” says Foodbank CEO Brianna Casey.

In a world where truly personal connections are being replaced in the interwebs super community, brands who find clever ways to connect with real people with be the stand-outs and their campaigns will be long lived and memorable.

More than just another bread company, Helga's campaign is helping people to connect with each other, contribute to a worthy cause in a clever and unique, visual way, whilst promoting their new bread on a subliminal level.

How could your business reconnect with the real world in an original, clever way? Come and chat to the 2 Creative team... we'll surprize you with how we see your brand. (02) 6761 2222

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