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  7 · 08 · 2019




Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is the latest victim of Ryan Reynolds' unorthodox marketing antics, with Reynolds leaking 100 minutes of the movie on twitter.


The marketing approach to Detective Pikachu certainly couldn't be described as standard, but this is exactly what we've come to expect of Ryan Reynolds. We got a real insight into his crazy but extremely effective style of marketing with the movie "Deadpool" in 2016.

Deadpool and its sequel crept their way through social media everywhere, with their satirical and suggestive advertising content appearing in the form of parody videos on YouTube, witty commentaries on Twitter and clever pop culture references both in the trailers and in other advertising content. There's no denying that you would have had to be hiding under a rock to have not heard about the Deadpool movies.

Overall both the Deadpool movies and Detective Pikachu turned over a huge amount of money, and they have their creative marketing to thank for it.

There's a lesson or two to be learnt from Reynolds' genius marketing. The way he targeted the college student demographic perfectly and made the marketing outrageous and fun is a reminder that today there are so many different ways to market and so many different people to reach, and that you are only limited by your creativity and determination.

There are more creative and cunning ways to reach your audience than ever before. We can help you find and use those channels effectively.

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