Rebirth of The Batman - More Creative Than Ever Before

2 Mar '22

Rebirth of The Batman - More Creative Than Ever Before

Rebirth of The Batman - More Creative Than Ever Before 

We've all heard of the mighty Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, the Batman.
Warner Bros. latest adaptation of the classic hero hits the big screen this month. Robert Pattinson takes on the titular role in The Batman, the latest in a long line of actors from Adam West and Michael Keaton to Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, but that's not where the creativity really gets clever.

It began with their official Twitter account that sent out a cryptic tweet which led readers to a mysterious website, set up as an interactive game where players had to answer three riddles, which, when answered correctly, brought players to an image from the film.

The trailer along with other multi media opportunities has become an integral part of marketing a new movie that motivates the masses to ensure the movie is  a MUST SEE at the Box Office. I wonder if this is becoming bigger than the movie itself!

The film industry is no different to a business or brand when trying new strategies that will attract an audience and build loyal fans/customers. Warner Bros. have made use of a well known character of pop culture to appeal to a large existing audience of Batman and comic fans and through some clever use of digital marketing continues to keeps things fresh for new and casual viewers to become a part of the fold.

It's strategies like this that gives studios like Marvel continued success with their Marvel Cinematic Universe and Avengers franchise.

Has this got you thinking differently?