Primetime Advertising!

31 Jan '23

Primetime Advertising!

Primetime Advertising!

Advertising in the modern day is just as much about timing as it is placement.
So how do you get your advertising seen? During Primetime sports of course!

We are right in the swing of the Australian cricket season (pun intended), all eyes are on the TV screens for the televised test matches and the fast-paced Big Bash League. While the breaks in the game are short, you have to keep your audience engaged to get them to notice you.

Major sponsors of Cricket Australia and the Big Bash League change up their advertising specifically for the summer, featuring cricket stars, sporting legends and more in their cricket themed ads, even KFC's changed their "Did Somebody Say KFC?" mishaps to the setting of the cricket nets.

And it's not just the cricket. You can see similar advertising around the Australian Open and even the Olympics!

Australian Beef launched an ad for the 2021 Olympics to show their role in supporting rising sports stars representing Australia. The reason major brands are airing commercials during peak times is to increase the likelihood that their ad will be seen by a large number of potential customers. Additionally, primetime programming often attracts a higher demographic of viewers, such as adults or families which can be beneficial for certain types of products or services.

Budgets may vary but the principles remain the same - placing ads in primetime can help to increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Have we got you thinking about how you could tailor your advertising for the masses in 2023? Let's turn that into action!