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  4 · 09 · 2019




"Free Power Mode" is a campaign by Powershop, where they reward their customers with 24 hours of free power when they produce excess power at their wind farms.

Powershop's Free Power Mode is a celebration of renewable energy across Australia, which they have brought to life in the form of a tactical campaign that can be distributed in accordance with the wind conditions.

Powershop is based in Melbourne and powers over 130 000 homes and businesses across Australia. They are currently the only electricity and gas retailer to be 100% carbon neutral certified by the Australian Government. This is especially important in the current business climate (and actual climate) as more and more business are being called out on environmentally unfriendly practices and values.

This campaign allows Powershop to attract new customers while advertising their focus on clean, renewable energy and sustaining the world we live in.

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who can demonstrate environmental and ethical practices.
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