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  1 · 5 · 2019




With the final season of Game of Thrones now showing, a number of popular brands have jumped on the Game of Thrones bandwagon with their marketing. Here are 2 ways brands saluted the final release.

Oreo x GoT Title Sequence


In this video, Oreo have created a beautiful homage to the Game of Thrones title sequence by recreating the iconic castles entirely out of Oreo biscuits - both dramatic and delicious.

Game of Brands - Shutterstock
Shutterstock have re-imagined the factions in GoT as modern-day companies with examples of what kind of businesses they may run and what their branding might look like.

"...what if the families that rule these houses were around in the present day, running modern corporations instead of prepping for battle?"

You can view their full branding project by clicking the image below.

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