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  7 · 11 · 2018




ALDI, in their latest move as part of their "Good Different" brand campaign, have called out other supermarkets and their loyalty schemes.

The supermarket has released a commercial and blog post along with a 'loyalty calculator' which serves to reinforce their stance that loyalty schemes aren't ultimately a good deal for the shopper, especially since customers in loyalty schemes routinely spend more as a result of being pushed by that supermarket's promotions.

“We think points are pointless. We think loyalty schemes are a waste of time. And we think the only ‘reward’ that matters is everyday low prices,” says the blog.

ALDI's loyalty calculator asks shoppers how much they spend at the supermarket in a week, asks consumers to pick a reward and then tells customers how much money and time they will have actually spent to receive that reward.
(See the below image for a less-than-attractive deal, provided by the loyalty calculator)

ALDI, however, takes pride in their 'anti-loyalty scheme' stance.

"In the 17 years we’ve been operating in Australia, we’ve created a loyal following of customers by offering consistently low prices and great quality goods. Customers continually tell us that this is what matters most to them.”

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