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EDITION 198 // 2nd MAR 2017

Your Creative Cube

Out-of-Home, Out of Breath

An interactive billboard in Sweden coughs when smokers walk by.

Swedish pharmacy chain Apotek Hjartat has installed a billboard in Stockholm’s Odenplan square which coughs as smokers walk by.

The billboard is equipped with a series of detectors at the popular square. The campaign leverages the season, finally offering ads for various nicotine packs and other quit-smoking products.

“The purpose was to drive the conversation about this topic, documenting the reactions, encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle,”

The ad agency behind the billboard, Akestam Holst specialises in advertisements that react to their surroundings. In 2014 it produced a billboard on a train platform for a hair-care brand. This bill board was again fitted with sensors to detected the passing train, so that the model’s hair appeared to get blown around whenever a train arrived.

2017 will be the year to really look at how you can improve your customers experience with your business. It may not be on a grand, high impact level like this, but starting somewhere small might take you somewhere bigger.

This is taking brand loyalty to a whole new level. Pick up the phone and call today. Tomorrow it might be to late.... 02 6761 2222

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