Promotions Can Boost Your Bottom Line

21 Sep '22

Promotions Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Promotions Can Boost Your Bottom Line

In a time when it’s increasingly challenging to be heard above the noise to gain market share, finding unique ways to engage with your customers may present new opportunities.
For some, creating a promotion represents an engaging way for customers to interact with your brand. Customers want value and fun. And with digital marketing, you can reach a lot of people, and create repeat business in a cost-effective way.

A well-planned and well executed promotion can be just the right touchpoint that connects customers to your brand.

Take McDonald’s Monopoly promotion for example. It combines its own well-known brand with the universally recognised Monopoly game. The premise is to simply buy McDonalds, collect Monopoly cards for the chance to win big, from cheeseburgers to new cars. It’s a promotion in which everyone can participate. It’s simple in its execution, and high on customer interaction, recall and repeat business.

Now we understand that not all of us in business have a McDonalds marketing budget (we wish), but we can apply the principles of a well thought out promotion with rewards to engage our customers.

The aim of any promotion is to build awareness, drive sales, grow profit or build a database to connect in the future. Success can be easily measured and offer crucial insights for your business.

If you need some ideas for a winning promotion, social media, and digital marketing campaigns to connect you with more customers, talk to us today.