Kellogg's Aims at Transparency With New Packaging

17 Jun '21

Kellogg's Aims at Transparency With New Packaging

Kellogg's Aims at Transparency With New Packaging

They might be the most iconic cereal packages in the history of cereal packages, but even the most recognisable brands understand the importance of staying fresh in the consumers mind. Kellogg’s felt it was time for a change. And maybe they were right.
The rebranding of its entire range of cereal brands for the European market makes for the company’s biggest redesign in its 113-year history.

The new clean design uses a bowl of cereal as the focal point. The name of every cereal is in a smaller font and the iconic characters are now bottom left.

The rebranding marketing campaign aims at making the packs instantly recognisable. It also gives the brand a “cleaner” and more honest, transparent look that matches the modern consumer’s needs.

A research study conducted by Kellogg’s found that 70 per cent of customers could locate the new packs more easily and that they increased “purchase intent” by 50 per cent.

Kellogg's felt the old packaging was muddled and sent out mixed messaging, which meant the brand was losing its identity and purchase intent.

The redesign also puts a focus back on natural grains, by including more information about the production of the cereal on the back of the pack. We think the result is successful, what do you think?