Keeping Things 'Strange' - Innovative Marketing Gets More Creative

19 Jul '22

Keeping Things 'Strange' - Innovative Marketing Gets More Creative

Keeping Things 'Strange' - Innovative Marketing Gets More Creative

The world of streaming services has become more competitive than ever, with more and more streaming services popping up. Keeping your content on everyones lips can be the difference between sinking and swimming, and that doesn't just apply to streaming services.

Netflix has gone above and beyond in promoting the latest season of their hit series Stranger Things.

Although the series barely needed the help, with the fourth season quickly becoming the second series on their platform to reach over one billion views behind Squid Game.

Netflix partnered with multiple brands to bring their content to their audience, including the burger joint Grill'd, which turned their store in The Galeries (in Sydney) into an interdimensional-themed restaurant and adding the limited-time 'Demogorgon' Burger, named after the secondary antagonist creature of the series.

Alongside this, Netflix also set up an 'Upside Down Rift' on Bondi Beach to immerse Sydneysiders in the action of the series, even including a Bondi Rescue short about the rift on TikTok.

By creating fun, unique and innovating promotions plus affiliate marketing, you can reach out to potential customers who may not already be familiar with your brand or your content, further increasing your engagement and leaving your name on the lips of your audience, one of the more powerful methods of advertising (Word of Mouth).

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