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  4 · 7 · 2018



SCA Keeps the Jingle Alive With 80s SPC Ad Remix

SPC's new jingle sounds familiar...
If you're wondering where you've heard it before, this should jog your memory.


That was SPC's original jingle, introduced in 1981. SPC has revisited their old jingle for their latest campaign.

In recent times creative marketing has seen huge leaps forward, and jingles have taken a backseat role. However, SPC is a company who appreciates the value of branding and music.

The revisited jingle will be central to SPC's campaign. Every bit of audio on air will have the jingle underneath it and thus confirming its importance to the overall campaign.

This year's campaign features the original voiceover from the 1981 ad backed by a revamped version of the old jingle.

The team at SPC predict that this campaign will push SPC Baked Beans and Spaghetti further and faster.

Check out our jingles for McLean Care and Cetnaj!

If you don't have a jingle, perhaps it's time you do
so you can stand out from competing brands!


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